On the radio show this weekend @broradio @bronoise www.broradio.fm

I’ve had somewhat of a busy couple of weeks, seeing South Pacific, Steps, Example, Twin Atlantic, Straight Lines….but on Saturday morning at 8am…. I’m backkkkkkkk!

Cinema wise talking with Emily Blunt about her latest film, Salmon fishing in the Yemen….

PLUS… TWO NEW BITS ON THE SHOW (Why shout? Why not)

First, I’ve “Bring the Quiet” – Where I’ll have a song which you’ll know but not the regular version, and also… “Rewind the Noise” where it’s a case of finding a song you won’t have heard in agggggessssss. Look, I’ve got 50,000 odd songs in my head, I’m bound to play one that’ll make you go “oooo, haven’t heard that in a while”

What’s the songs going to be? Find out, Saturday morning 8:00am BST on www.broradio.fm or 98.1FM in Barry and the Vale of Glamorgan