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Having always been a huge music fan from a young age, I first picked up a mic when I was just 8 or 9, the recordings still exist now (I’ve even been insane enough to convert them to mp3 and have on occasion played them out on the radio)

I’ve somewhat become a bit of a gig fanatic. Such is being a late starter (Robbie in 2001), there aren’t many artists I’ve not seen. Have also discovered I’m a lover of the arts – musical, theatre, stand up comedians – tend to get out a lot as you might guess

Musicwise my knowledge is faultless- I’m a Poptart! And yes generally speaking leaning on the side of the mainstream scene – I’ve got every single Now album on CD that you can get 😉

Had a 18 month break from the radio till I ended up at BRO Radio in Barry (home of Gavin & Stacy) and that’s where I currently reside every Saturday morning 10am-2pm with Bring the Noise – a mix of the best music and latest film news – together with us mucking about. So there ends, our profile/biog. A slight mix toward the self promotional aside of me (if any programme controllers are reading this – give me a shout – it’d be the best decision you’ll make this year)

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