VIDEO: @LadyGaga #artRaveBirmingham Jason’s Letter

Probably one of the most bizarre/weird/awesome moments in any gig I’ve seen (I’ve seen a few as you know)

Imagine this, a letter gets thrown onto the stage, performer picks up letter… and reads the letter…to the entire arena.

Won’t spoil it, but watch and see where this goes

Jason dude…I salute you! Balls of steel indeed!

From Lady Gaga’s Artrave show at NIA Birmingham October 15th 2014


3 thoughts on “VIDEO: @LadyGaga #artRaveBirmingham Jason’s Letter”

  1. Aw wow, thank you for your lovely words, got bored one night and decided to have a look through google at this experience, came across your blog, wow thank you so much means a lot, she is seriously one special human in this world, and yes she is really that nice in real life 😀 thanks for blogging about me add jclay95 on twitter 😀

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