What we noticed from the news this week

1. Facebook’s population is as large as that of the entire world in 1804.
More details (The Atlantic)

2. Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna was part of the choir that sang the theme tune to Mr Bean.
More details (Daily Telegraph)

3. In the German translation of A Bear Called Paddington, the small talk is omitted.
More details (Financial Times)

4. The word “disco” originally meant “a type of short, sleeveless dress”.
More details (The Times)

5. Friendly baboons do better in life than baboons who are loners.
More details (Mother Nature Network)

6. Dame Judi Dench has the Bond theme as her ringtone.
More details

7. Set off 32 metronomes on a flexible table, and even if they’re all out of step with each other, they will synchronise within a couple of minutes.
More details (Discover Magazine)

8. The exhausts of Ford Mustang pickup trucks are tuned to be just under the US legal noise limit.
More details (The Economist)

9. A queue in which all customers are ordered into one big snaking line, demarcated by ropes or barriers, is called a serpentine queue.
More details

10. Honey can turn blue and green.
More details


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